Source Dev Bhandari Sharma Facebook page. Message from Dev Bhandari Sharma NC, Within a short period of preparation, we completed the “2021 Friendly Volleyball Tournament”.I want to extend sincere thanks to our sponsor, KBR funding for the Bhutanese Community under Montagnard Dega Association, the valuable contribution from the NRNA NC chapter, and Indu Grocery via Madhav Dhakal, and all individual contributors. Thanks a lot to TNNC space and support! Thanks to Liana Adrong, executive director of MDA, Chair IAC-Greensboro, for your presence, Shiva Bista President TNCC, and hardworking Madhav Dhakal, NASeA former President, for all the support. Rain indeed made the game challenging yet, remarkable!Royal Express has secured their winning trophy and Royal F.C as runner up — congratulations to both teams and each individual. Here is the list of other trophies awarded:Man of the match :Bikash Bastola Babin BasnetSuman BhattaraiPlayer of the tournament :Dev BhandariThis event has provided youths a platform to engage and strengthen their leadership skills. Congratulations, and many thanks to all!0People Reached0Engagements–Distribution ScoreBoost PostLikeCommentShare

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